PCTV 290e gallery

Here are some shots of the PCTV 290e including the internals. Presently they have a horrid watermark, © Steve Kerrison 2010. When I get an opportunity I'll release them under a non-commercial license. Until then, please seek my permission before redistributing, despite their probable lack of any real value to anyone.

I'll be amazed if somebody at PCTV keeping an eye on 290e sales doesn't get a link to this page in a Google/similar alert somewhere, so to you, I say get in touch!

For details on progress in this project, go to the PCTV Nanostick T2 290e for Linux home page.

Click the images for enbiggification.

PCTV 290e box front
Front box shot
PCTV 290e box side
Side shot of the box, showing specs & system requirements.
PCTV 290e size
The 290e compared to an HTC Desire. It's smaller than a lot of other DVB-T USB devices I've used.
PCTV 290e in use
The device when running. My desk had a mess of change on it, but luckily the penny serves as a good size indicator. When enjoying HD films broadcast over DVB-T2, a lovely blue glow will illuminate your room.
PCTV 290e PCB front
The device dismantled reasonably easily with a flat-headed screwdriver. There are two PCBs sandwiched together. The "top" PCB contains an NXP TDA18271HDC2 tuner.
PCTV 290e PCB back
The "bottom" PCB contains an Empia em28174 controller chip and Sony CXD2820R demodulator. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice the silkscreen contains the message "HastaLaVista_pcb2". The consequences of observing this fact remain to be seen.

PCTV Nanostick T2 290e for Linux