I am Steve Kerrison. I am postdoctoral research staff in the Microelectronics Research Group at the University of Bristol, attached to the ENTRA project, working on energy modelling of software in embedded multi-core systems. I also direct teaching units for Bristol's MSc Computer Science degree programme. I have a PhD in Computer Science and a 1st Class MEng in Computer Systems Engineering (Computer Science & Electronics) from the University of Bristol.

As of Summer 2015, I have successfully defended my PhD thesis, titled Energy modelling of multi-threaded, multi-core software for embedded systems. I will make my thesis available online under an appropriate license after the final hard copy is produced. I expect this will be in October/November 2015.

In the first year of my PhD I was installed at a local chip company called XMOS. The company makes innovative high performance multi-threaded & multi-core embedded processors with an instruction set that gives you direct control over many aspects of I/O, allowing you to do in software what previously required a separate ASIC or FPGA. I've been using their architecture as part of my analysis into software energy modelling and optimisation.

I am also a self employed web developer and systems administrator with over 6 years of experience in developing for high traffic environments, principally within the Unix/Apache/PHP/MySQL stack, but also with experience in Nginx (moreso than Apache these days) and Memcached. I am a big fan of FreeBSD servers (as far as anyone can truly be a "fan" of an OS) and also have experience with ZFS on both FreeBSD and OpenSolaris (NexentaCore). In addition, I have an appreciation of infrastructure issues that are overlooked by those with less experience. I am (as is abundantly clear from this page) not a graphic designer. Graphic design and web development are two distinct roles, but one cannot function well without the other.

I look after systems and services for BOXFX, a video production & graphics design company, as well as HEXUS, an online technology publication with millions of monthly visits. I also developed my research group's website in cooperation with a fellow PhD student, although I do not currently maintain it.

I work very closely with Snap Fashion, a web start-up that combines an amazing piece of image processing technology (created by the founder) with a fashion shopping portal. I have been involved since its infancy and am responsible for server infrastructure as well as optimisation of the technology at the heart of Snap Fashion.

In 2010/11 I did some work on a Linux driver for the PCTV nanoStick T2 290e; a USB DVB-T2 (Freeview HD) tuner.

If you would like to contact me, then please email me. Take a guess at what my e-mail address is. It's very likely you'll get it right. Alternatively, visit my LinkedIn profile and connect with me.